Initial consultations are free of charge.

In an electronic (zoom) mediation conference, the hourly rate is $300 per hour, with a two hour minimum fee of $600. Since parties determine the allocation of fees, when two parties agree to share the mediator fee equally, each pays $150 per hour. Likewise, with multiple parties, allocation of the fee is determined by them in advance.

The hourly rate for an In-person mediation conference is dependent upon location, travel time, and other factors. An hourly rate will be provided during the initial consultation.

In government agency and Court ordered mediation conferences, the mediator fee may be designated by the government agency or the Court.

In every circumstance, (a) the mediator fee may need to be prepaid or guaranteed by legal counsel and (b) the total amount or unpaid balance of the mediator fee is due and payable upon completion of the conference.

The fee structure stated herein is subject to change without notice.

The parties shall receive written notice of the fee structure and conditions prior to the mediation conference.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A cancellation charge, equal to the minimum fee, shall be imposed upon the parties to share in the event a scheduled conference is cancelled without being re-scheduled to take place within 45 days.