family consensus building approach

BConsensus building is an appropriate collaborative form of elder care mediation when chosen by the family on a voluntary basis and motivated by a desire to maintain or restore family relationships. It may be undertaken, to the extent possible, to arrive at an informed agreement which every family member, or almost every member, can live with based on shared values. The family controls the process.

The family may request each participant, among other provisions, to voluntarily consent to:

  • seek a mediated agreement based upon beliefs held in common
  • persevere, as long as possible, to find an alternative that does not compromise a basic value of another family member (avoiding decision making by vote)
  • abide by established ground rules and time constraints
  • respect the perspective of every family member (everyone being heard and no one dominating)

The role of the mediator in this confidential process remains unchanged. He/she is impartial and shall not enforce or adjudicate any matter.

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